Highest Paid College Football Coaches0

highest paid college football coaches

Highest Paid College Football Coaches

The highest paid college football coaches receive a salary far exceeding that of their university president and even far greater than the president of the United States. We will look at the five highest paid football coaches and discuss whether or not they live up to their salary. These men work very hard and are under immense pressure to perform at a very high level. They are required to represent their Universities both on and off the field with the utmost professionalism. Their personal lives are under scrutiny at all times and their actions are analyzed by all the college football fans.


The Price for being one of the highest paid coaches

Having all this to deal with they are expected to win college football games, conference titles, bowl games, and even national championships. They are promised extra money for accomplishing these goals but we all know that if they do not eventually accomplish these goals by winning college football titles, then they will be looking for work. That is one reason I believe that it may be a little unfair to say that these men are grossly overpaid because the college football business has a tremendous amount of competition.


The Highest Paid College Football Coaches today

1.   Nick Saban, Alabama, $5,476,738

     #1  Nick Sabin has a record at Alabama of 68-13. His College Bowl Games wins include the Independence Bowl, Capital One Bowl, and three National Championship Bowls. According to Nick’s six year accomplishments at Alabama you would have to say that he deserves to be the highest paid in college football.


      #2 Mack Brown, Texas, $5,353,750 Mack Brown’s record at Texas is 150-43. His bowl wins include the Cotton Bowl twice, Holiday Bowl three times, Rose Bowl twice, Alamo Bowl twice, and the Fiesta Bowl. Texas appeared in the National Championship game but lost to Alabama. Mack Brown has had quite a career at Texas but he will have to position Texas in contention for the BCS Championship soon to deserve to be the second highest paid coach in College Football.


      #3 Bob Stoops, Oklahoma, $4,550,000

 Bob Stoops record at Oklahoma is 149-36. His bowl wins include the Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Rose Bowl, Holiday Bowl, Sun Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, and the Insight Bowl. Oklahoma played in the National Championship game but lost to Florida. Bob needs to get Oklahoma back in title contention.

       #4 Urban Myers, Ohio State, $4.300.000

 Urban Meyers’s record at Ohio State is 12-0. His time at Ohio State is just beginning and he is off to a perfect start. Besides winning every game last year Urban Meyer won all of his conference games as well. Ohio State was ineligible for Bowl appearances. The 2013-2014 season will be the true test for the Ohio State football team. It is tough to say a lot about Urban Meyer’s contract as of now but if last year was anything to look at then he may well deserve his top 5 position in college football salaries.

       #5 Les Miles, LSU, $3,856,00

 Les Miles record at LSU is 84-21. His bowl wins at LSU includes the Chick-fil-A Bowl twice, Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl, and the BCS National Championship. LSU appeared in the National Title game again against Alabama but was defeated that game. Les Miles is another coach that deserves to be amoung the highest paid college football coaches in america.


As you can see all five of these coaches know how to win college football games and that is what is required of these men if they expect to be the highest paid college football coaches in America..

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